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WIR SEHEN UNS! Street Gallery für das Katharineum zu Lübeck!

WIR SEHEN UNS! Street Gallery für das Katharineum zu Lübeck!

„Inside Out Project group action for Lübeck“ by Anja Doehring – Project partner Katharineum zu Lübeck 

The last part of the art project by Anja Doehring is currently being completed in collaboration with the Katharineum. This collaboration is supported by the “Bund der Freude des Katharineums e.V.” and was recommended by Christine Asmussen (Art teacher). Two weeks ago, 75 students and teachers were photographed by Anja Doehring during a photo shooting.

Mrs. Asmussen had organized everything: Students had chosen tasks voluntary and were assisting with documenting the photo shooting and choosing appropriate music, so that a chill mood was persistent while working. A day later, the photographer and students, who are part of Asmussen’s lessons, met up for nine ours to choose pictures together with Anja Doehring. These pictures were edited and sent to the project office of JR in New York.  From there they came back in the right format and with the typical Inside Out branding.

In the meantime Mrs. Asmussen and her Arts-profile prepared different plans for putting up the pictures. After Anja Doehrings finish, the data could go into the printing process as quickly as possible. Beginning at the end of the schoolyear, the finished portraits are hanging outside the Katharineum on three big banners. This streetgalery will be outside until autumn and the pupils of the Katharineum are proud to be a part of this international project.

Leni Jensen and Aaron Fischer, 9b