Städtisches Gymnasium für Jungen und Mädchen mit altsprachlichem Zweig | seit 1531

Class 6c at author reading with Barry Jonsberg

On Friday we were at the Kinderliteraturhaus, because Mr. Jonsberg had come to Lübeck to take part in this year‘s Bücherpiratenfestival. It was a really good and entertaining show, because he is really funny. He was born in England but he lives in Australia, because of the bad weather in England as he said. There were three classes at the Kinderliteraturhaus. At first Barry Jonsberg read us 10 minutes from his book “My life is an Alphabet”. At the end we could ask him a lot of questions. It was very nice to listen to him, because he is a very humorous person. We all think that it was a very nice experience to be there. About five days later, he sent us autograph cards and said that he had forgotten to distribute them. We all were really happy about these autographs. We would recommend to buy his book. Thank you Bücherpiraten for making this day possible.

Irem Elverdi, 6-C