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Preparation for Cambridge Examinations

Time: Monday afternoons 3:45 – 5.00 pm

Place: G 1.2. (English room)

Contact person: Dr. Vogeler

Grade: 10 – Q2

Preparation for Cambridge Examinations (C1 CAE/C2 CPE) Fall 2020

Book: Cambridge English Advanced 1 for updated exam: Student’s Book without Answers. ISBN 312-535292-6.

Fees: This preparatory course is free of any charges. (The examination will cost approximately € 220.)

What are Cambridge Examinations?:

The University of Cambridge offers a range of English examinations which qualify learners of English to have accomplished a certain level of the English language. The certificates, which you obtain when you pass a Cambridge examination, establish your language competence—objectively, globally recognized, and independent of your school teacher or English grade in school. For more information see:

What is the “Certificate in Advanced English?“:

The actual examination for the updated “Certificate in Advanced English“ (CAE) consists of four (4) parts:

  1. Reading and Use of English 56 questions, 30 marks (1 hour, 30 minutes; 40%)
  2. Writing 2 tasks, 2 marks (1 hour, 30 minutes; 20%)
  3. Listening 30 questions, 30 marks ( 40 minutes; 20%)
  4. Speaking 4 parts, 1 mark ( 15 minutes; 20%)

All four (4) parts consist of 86 questions in total. The entire examination takes 3 hours and 55 minutes.

In order to obtain the “Certificate in Advanced English“ (CAE), students must answer at least 75% of the examination correctly:

200-210 points Grade A CPE C2 (equivalent to a C2 certificate)

193-199 points Grade B CAE C1

180-192 points Grade C CAE C1

160-179 points FCE B2 (equivalent to a B2 certificate)

Students who consistently score in the top 10% range may opt to take the next more difficult examination, the “Certificate of Proficiency in English“ (CPE), which corresponds to the proficiency level C2.

Who accepts the “Certificate in Advanced English?“:

Cambridge English exams are accepted by over 15,000 universities, employers and governments around the world“ ( A language certificate, which testifies your advanced language competency, can open doors to higher education, improve employment opportunities, and because these certificates are globally recognized, can increase learners’ choices for study or work. For detailed information about the recognition of the “Certificate in Advanced English“ (CAE) consult the Cambridge website or the institution in which you are interested.

What is this course about?:

In this preparatory course for upper level students, you will be prepared to pass the “Certificate in Advanced English“ (CAE), which describes your foreign language proficiency at an advanced level and corresponds to the proficiency level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The course will run from spring to summer, and cover four original examinations for the “Certificate in Advanced English“ (CAE).

Reasons why you should take this course:

Motivation for your regular course work—and better grades!

Reinforcement of those language competencies needed in English class

Training of important communicative competencies (Listening/Speaking)

Savings because this course can be taken free of charges

Unlimited global recognition through an international certificate in English

If you wish to improve your English and to participate in this preparatory course, send me an e-mail. Due to the current Corona situation, only a maximum of 10 students will be accepted. If seriously interested, apply for one of the coveted spots and expand a little on your motivation …

I look forward to reading from you soon.

Best regards,

Dr. Joachim Vogeler